Sunday, September 17, 2006

Run Wild & We Did

This weekend, I ran the Detroit Zoo's 5k Run called Run Wild. My goal was to beat my Crim time of 29:03. I ran with my personal coach, Helen. Helen is pictured above, with what could be one of the scariest costume characters ever that were traveling around the zoo after the run. Back to the run, I was aiming to run a 28:30. Helen who is a super runner, decided to help me reach my goal instead of racing. So she jogged with me and talked the whole time while setting a faster pace for me. Did I mention how wonderful she is, if not let me remind you. So we get to the first mile and we are at 8:30, the second mile is 17:11, then I slowed down a lot, but because we were ahead of pace, she let me. When I crossed the finish line, she clocked me at 27:41, my chip time was two seconds faster 27:39. I finished 27th out of 100. See the results. I was so thrilled, I even had the energy to sprint through the finish! Helen is such a great coach! Did I mention that if Helen was racing she would have won her age group, no problem! In fact when we were checking our times there was this woman in front of us that said to Helen, oh I beat you, so I had to say, well you only beat her because she was running slow with me. Yes I was talking smack at the results!

After the run, Helen gave me my very first tour of the Detroit Zoo. This is a sad fact, that it was first trip to the zoo, considering I lived just two miles from the zoo for three years, but just never went. Yes, I know I also grew up in Michigan, but we lived closer to the Toledo Zoo in Ohio, so that's where we went. But anyway back to the trip, Helen gave me a personal tour of the zoo, did I mention she works there. Yes everyone should go out and purchase a membership, support the zoo, and Helen, she's the head of the membership department. SUPPORT THE ZOO! Was that subtle enough. (This message is not paid for and/or endorsed by Helen and the Detroit Zoo.) Anyway back to the tour, she says that she hasn't had a trip to the zoo like I had in the 6 years she has worked there. We saw the baby snow monkey, the read panda was awake and walking around and the best part was that the polar bears were swimming and playing the water. Oh and I almost forget, my favorite thing at every zoo the gorillas. The big 590+ pound 35 year old silverback gorilla came up to so close to the glass in the ape house. It was so cool. Do you know that gorilla's can like up to 50+ years in captivity and they give the girl gorilla's human birth control! Yes, so get the pill and other get depro provera the shot. Wow!

So what did I do after the rest of the weekend, well you will never guess, Bruce and I went back to the zoo. Yes, why not double the number of times I had been to the Detroit Zoo in one weekend. It was fun, we went with Bruce's boss Dorothy and her three daughters, Lauren, Sophia and Anna. It's been a rough year for them because Anna has had some medical problems. She is now on a feeding tube and doing better. They are taking it day by day. Anna seemed to have a great time at the zoo, we were there all day and she never fussed. Bruce and I had fun acting like kids.

Let's rewind a little to Wednesday Night: PROJECT RUNWAY. Ok, so a busy week and weekend so apologize that this is overdue, not that I think anyone plans their week around reading my comments about project runway, but hey, I can pretend. So this week, we start the challenge on the runway, but Heidi tells them they have to learn the details at a party. Well the designers can smell something. They get to a New York Club and Heidi walks in and wants to introduce some special guest. The door opens and in walks: Vincent.. Then the next guest: Angela. Hey didn't they both get booted, yes they did. So I am thinking at first that the challenge is going to be so taxing they are going to need to employ the help of the last two designers kicked off. But I am very very very wrong! No they decided this year, that anyone that had won a challenge would get to come back, the only people that had one that were not yet kicked off where Keith, Vincent and Angela. Since Keith had been kicked off for cheating, only Vincent and Angela got the chance to come back. The other designers were needless to say irritated. The key was both Vincent and Angela had to win the challenge in order to stay, if not they were automatically kicked off again. There would be three eliminations no matter what this week, so if Angela won Vincent would be gone and so would two of the other remaining designers.

The challenge was a black and white cocktail dress. Michael did a stunning white dress with a black cumberbun belt. Lora, who was in the bottom two and quite shaken from the last challenge, won this week with a cute babydoll black lace gown over white. Uli was Uli, she had a crazy pattern, I didn't love this weeks version of the same dress she always does, but it wasn't awful. Kayne, well I love Kayne for his great personality, but his dress this week was pretty much just black. As Tim would say he missed the point. And Jeffrey, he did this hideous rock n' roll outfit with these cheeky pleather leggings yuck. When it came to the bottom two it was Jeffrey and Kayne. And unfortunately Kayne was out.
This week they pick the final designers, the teaser is that it might not necessarily be three, I have a feeling it may be all four, but that is me. Who would I like to see in the final three: Michael (who I want to win,) Lora and Uli. Who do I think it will be: Michael, Lora and Jeffrey. Well stay tuned!

Also coming up this month the season premieres of my favorite show and all the new shows, I am very excited.

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