Sunday, September 24, 2006

America's Next Top Model is Back....
And all I have to say is wow Tyra. Holy Cow, she is over the top already this season. And I LOVE IT. I just finally sat down to watch the two hour season premiere which aired on Wednesday, but hey I was a book club, so TiVo saved it for me. In the first show they do two rounds of thinning out the pack, the first round is after interviews with Tyra, Jay & Miss J Alexander. Then they do this crazy dash to the magazine thing and kick out some of the girls. It really isn't that exciting. Except for the part where they interviewed the topless dancer that swore to Tyra that her entertainment was on the same line as modeling. It was hilarious.

Then to the next round where they do a nude photo shoot. Of course there is the little conservative girl from Kansas, that can't bare it all. All in the name of morals... come on people. Blah... she's 18 I give her one good year at University of Kansas before she gets topless at a frat party and the pictures end up all over the internet. Next the 13 girls move into the house, but there are only 11 beds, what gives. Two of the girls have to sleep on bean bags. So Monique who decides sleeping on a bean bag is beneath her goes and takes Eugena's bed. It was dumb, but this week we all learned to be annoyed with Monique. Who said that despite the fact that she is in a house with 13 girls she cannot limit her hour shower, she just needs it, there is no debate. Give me a break, I was just yelling at the tv, for god's sakes girl listen to yourself, I wanted to ship her to Kansas with the moral girl.
So the first challenge is to undress male models and recreate a new look for themselves and walk it down the cat walk. Melrose won and she deserve to win. Her prize was a personal assistant during the next day's photoshoot, Oh course that went to her head, but can you expect anything less.

The photoshoot was the stereotype of a model: diva, dumb blonde, bulimic, aneroxic, model turned actress, ect. It was fine, but with so many you don't get the total drama yet. Christian was kicked off which was sad, because I liked her South Carolina personality. But I guess someone had to go. I am looking forward to this season, because it's such mindless television, and by now you should know that that is exactly what I know.

Next Post: Why I love Jackson, Michigan? One hint, ice cream for dinner!

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