Thursday, September 28, 2006

Project Runway: Final Three -

I was so nervous with the final three selection. I wanted Michael, Laura and Uli, but I found myself not hating Jeffrey. Oh the beauty of editing, hate him one minute - and then the next I found myself almost endeared to him and his silly Detroit neck tattoo.

This week challenge really had no constraints. Which I think was actually difficult because for the past weeks, they have been forced to fit certain restrictions, but now you have creative freedom but finish it in half the time. It's crazy, but it seemed harder.

I loved Uli's look and so did the judges. It was Uli, but different than we had ever seen before. Laura was so Laura: the typical plunging neck line. Michael made a formal dress, but it wasn't his best work. I didn't mind the dress Jeffrey made but the judges did.

The big shocker: THEY ARE ALL IN. I was so happy because Michael and Jeffrey were in the bottom two, and I was so worried Michael was out. So next week we see who is in and what three are out.

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