Thursday, September 21, 2006

Book Club is Better than Ever

Last night we had a great book club meeting. (And of course TiVo was recording my shows while I was away.) We read "My Sister's Keeper" by Jody Picoult. It is a very thought provoking book, that pretty much made me cry in every chapter. But hey I am a sappy girl. It was a a very small meeting, Sarah, her sister Donelle (our newest member,) Helen and of course the book club dictator: me. We had dinner and fruity drinks at Living Room/Amici's for dinner. We had a lot of great conversation on the book. The general consensus was that we all loved the book. I highly recommend reading it, but make sure you read next to a book of Kleenex.

So "Book Club" is still an ongoing experiment if you will, we don't have a steady group yet, but we are working on it. But I would like to say our newest member was acquainted with the book club much earlier than this her first meeting. It turns out book club was used in a ploy to get her to the restaurant whe
re her boyfriend was waiting to purpose. Sarah, told her that she wanted to celebrate her recent graduation for University of Michigan Law School with a dinner at her favorite chop house in Rochester. She insisted that they dress up for dinner, but she had to drive separately because of, yes you guessed it: BOOK CLUB. So other than the book club lie, she had a textbook proposal. The hostess took her to the table and delivered a portable DVD player with a montage video of their years of dating, the he came and proposed. I am so happy that book club could be a part of such a happy day.

On another note, I thought TiVo failed me last night when I sat down today and turned on Project Runway only to find a rerun. So I make Bruce download it on ITunes only to find out it is also the Black and White rerun. Why does PR do this to me? The good news however it America's Next Top Model is back! It's going to take some time to catch up with my TiVo, but the good news it will always be there waiting for me. Tonight I am watching Grey's Anatomy at real time, all these commercials are horrifying. Never again.

And on a separate note, but here's a great picture of Andrew Harding, I figure if I can't get people to read my blog, I will keep them coming with pictures of babies and puppies. It's like television news, people always watch babies and puppies.

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