Thursday, September 07, 2006

Project Runway Paris Couture

This week the designers were in Paris. It was a disappointing week for me why because there was no hope for Jeffrey being kicked off because he won immunity when he won the last challenge. As you can tell by now, I can't stand Jeffrey which means he will make it to the final three. He is just so condescending. I hate it when he is like, "I have the best outfit, these other idiots have no idea what they are dong, blah blah blah. " And of course it was more of the same this week.

So on to the challenge, the designers were told to create a couture dress in two days with $300 Euros. A side note, I hate the Euro. Do any one else remember when going to Europe (with the exception of London) meant great shopping? The lira to the dollar: the mark to the dollar: the shilling to the dollar. It was always in our favor. Now there is the Euro, which is never in our favor. Even when it the dollar was doing better it was still one to one. Ok, back to Project Runway: so they had to make this dress with couture (hand sewn) details. Laura's dress was the same dress she makes ever week with the crazy plunging next line and a different collar. My favorite Uli, because I like Uli. I also liked Kane's dress, apparently I have no taste. But I hate to say this, I actually liked Jeffrey's crazy dress. Michael's was ok, but it wasn't his best week. Vincent is well awful and crazy, his dress looked like an alien outfit.

I agreed with the judges when the kicked out Vincent. Not only did I hate this dress, I hated everything he made. It was about time.

On a side note: Big Brother just wrapped up tonight. It's Booger and Erika in the final two. Janelle was kicked off. I was rooting for her, I think I may have jinxed her. Yes, I have that effect on people. My parents thought about giving me the middle name of unlucky, it was either that our klutz, some how they settled on Lynne. More about big brother later, the season finale is September 12th.

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