Monday, September 04, 2006

The Best Time to Shop --- EVER

Rarely do girls/women get a day like today. I think this is the first time in the history of my life that I have had a day like today. So you are probably wondering what happened. Did I win the lotto? Did I get a shopping spree? No and No, what happened is I got up this morning, got on the scale to a number that was lower than expected. I had already planned on going shopping, but now with this ace in my back pocket I felt fierce (yes that is a reference to ANTM.) So I head off to the Somerset Collection. Yes I like living in the country but I still prefer to travel south for clothing, Pamida's nice, but they haven't yet hooked me for fashion.

Today was one of those days, that the stars were lined up in my favor, because not only did my scale play along but also the sizes at the stores. Yes, we all know that stores are in the habit of vanity sizing, but heck, it's always nice when the sales clerk says, can I get you anything, and you say, yes this, but in a smaller size! Can I tell you this was so much better than the times I spent crying in the dressing rooms in college, when nothing fit! I had to write about this day, because lord knows it won't repeat itself. So I am looking forward to wearing my fierce new outfit on the first day of class, hopefully my students can appreciate it.

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