Wednesday, September 27, 2006

ANTM is Back in Full Force with makeovers
& of course DRAMA

Tonight is make-over day. I love this day, because there is so much freaking drama. Let's see who is the most dramatic: Jaeda is getting the "Halle Berry" haircut. I feel for her, but she took it like a champ in the end. Let's see who was the most whinny. Let's see, Melrose: Wa wa wa... Melrose, I am going to be a blonde for the love of God, get over it girl. It's blonde, it can always go back. Then there is the crying from Monique about getting a new weave. She doesn't want anyone to see her without her weave in her hair, oh puh-lease. And A.J. is complaining because her hair is black enough, well honey, I think brown suits you.

The girls I am really starting to enjoy: Brooke, the former bubbly blonde, who's now a brunette and she looks fab. Megan, who survived a plane crash. She is just a cute pixie blonde. The twins, Amanda and Michelle. They look cute and different, and they have enjoyable personalities.

The challenge today grab make-up off a table, jump in an elevator, put the make-up on, get out on the next floor, grab a dress put it on in the elevator, get out on the next floor and get shoes, get back in and have your look finished by the top floor. If you didn't make the elevator in time at each floor you were elminated. Of course drama queen herself Monique didn't make it. Rock n' Roll Megg missed the first elevator, but it wasn't the drama of course that Monique had.

When they got back, oh the drama continued, Monique gets on the phone for 3 hours and 31 minutes. The rest of the girls are so upset. It just makes everyone so irritated with her, especially me. I believe the best line of the night from Monique's mother was, "when they mess with a child of God, they've got trouble on their hands. You tell them, I am a princess of the throne." It was hilarious.

So for the photoshoot they worked with weavologist. Yes I said it, a weavologist. What is a weavologist, well i am guessing it is an expert that works with weave. Wow, those hair does, were hair dont's. They had to model with these huge mechanical hair pieces that looked more like a circus than anything else. This was better than last seasons bald pictures.

The only person I want to go home is Monique, but Lord knows that wasn''t going to happen. In the end the judges sent the pixie blonde Megan home. Oh I am excited for next week already!

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