Thursday, June 04, 2009

Deutschland (Poland & the Czech Republic), ich komme!
(Germany, here I come)

So tonight Mary and I spent planning our European vacation. We are taking an all girls trip to Europe: Berlin, Krakow and Prague. The first part of our trip will be to Berlin - where we rejoin our favorite high school teacher Frau Davis. She will be there with students from Manchester - one which is Mary's niece. We will be hanging out with them for several days.

Then we take the midnight train to Krakow (I think that may be a song.) If the Euro sucks against the dollar you have to love the Polish zloty.

1 Polish zloty = 0.314713 U.S. dollars

With an exchange rate like that expect to see me in all the latest Polish fashions. We found - what we hope to be a great little hotel. I have become a big fan of trip advisor. I am planning to do my part of the community and give my ratings when I come back - because I have found the site uber helpful while planning for the summer.

While in Poland, we are planning a trip to Auschwitz - which should be memorable and interesting - but heartbreaking. Then the next day we will be exploring the city.

Then we are off to Prague before returning to the States. I am very excited. It will be a lot of fun - I rarely get to pal around with Mary because she is so busy at work - so it will be an excellent adventure.

This will be my sixth time to Berlin - so I feel like I have that covered - however, if you have any tips on Poland - those are welcome. Seeing that neither of us speak Polish - this could be interesting.

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Anonymous said...

While in Krakow, if you will have some time visit Wieliczka - it' a salt mine, ttp://
also one of the landmarks -
Wawel -
Don't worry about not speaking Polish, many young people speak English there.
Also some of the architecture in churches can be surprisingly beautiful - just pop into any of them
Dfinitely visit one of the 400 pubs on the Main Square:)