Monday, June 15, 2009

Tage Eins & Zwei in Berlin

So it's day two in Berlin. We made it in yesterday morning. Barbara was prepared for my usual routine - yes despite the fact that I know you aren't supposed to nap - I always take a nap. The good news - Mary was not upset with this plan. So we arrived in Berlin - Barbara picked us up at the airport - we had a typical German breakfast of bread, butter, meats and cheeses, then Mary and I took a 4 hour power nap. We had a surprise - Barbara has a new roomate - Wolfgang. He is very nice and has a great sense of humor - constantly joking with Mary and I.

We woke to another meal - Barbara treated me to my favorite Käse Späztle - noodles and cheese. Then we went to Potsdam to see Sans Souci - a castle built by Frederick the Great. He was buried there with his 11 dogs. Then we drove the Olympic Stadium. This is the first time I have ever seen that. And finally we came back to the tennis club next to Barbara's apartment for a typical German night cap.

We had every intention of waking up early and to go running. However, that did not happen - but we needed a day to relax. Then we were off to MexicoPlatz to meet Frau Davis. Frau Davis is Mary and my German teacher from high school. She was my best teacher of all times and every year she brings Manchester High School students to Berlin. This year she brought Mary's niece Emily - so we spent the morning with them. We went to a play at a youth theater - it was about bullying - but Mary and I understand roughly 60 percent of the dialogue - not bad for not having a German class in a couple years.

Then we left the class and went to Potsdammer Platz. We had a liquid lunch. Then we headed to the Brandenberg Gate and to the American Embassy. I wore my totally awesome Obama shirt and took a picture for my dad. Then we came back and Barbara treated us to a wonderful dinner.
As for pictures - those will have to come later. I don't have a way to upload them yet.

Tomorrow we have another day in Berlin before leaving for Krakow on the night train!!!

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