Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Dagmar the Star

So a while ago, I got a new car. Her name is Dagmar - she is Swedish. Yes, I bought a Volvo C30. It's funny because Amber (my silver chrysler sebring) was a great car and I had her for nearly 200K miles, but well she was on her last legs, so we decided it was time for something new.

I call Dagmar - my car - but I am sure that Bruce would argue. But I am sure the question is today - why are you talking about your car you bought a while ago today. Well this week we watched Twilight in my afternoon class. Yes, Twilight the hit teenage vampire novels - turned movie. And well Dagmar has a starring role. I know you are saying WHAT? But that's the truth my Dagmar is the cute Volvo driven by the hunky teenage vampire heartthrob Edward. Edward drives quite defensively - like I drive. I mean I really appreciate the turbo - I am sure Bruce again would beg to differ.

Dagmar hasn't let her stardom get to her head - even though someone stopped me at the mall to tell me how cute she is, but other than that she lives her stardom low key, no one clamoring for photos or autographs. You won't find her on Perez Hilton out late at night at a club doing God knows what. For the most part she likes the quiet country life and her 1.5 mile commute to school.

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