Sunday, June 21, 2009

Back from Europe

Well the good news is we made it back safe and sound. However, I don't have much time from blogging about the trip because I am headed out tomorrow morning to Kansas City. I will be there for a week with my students - who are competing in the SkillsUSA National Competition. It's really cool - however, I am wishing right now that I had maybe one more day at home before leaving - but, I guess one is better than none.

Packing has been easy, I just unpacked my luggage - washed the clothes and then repacked into the bag again. In Europe I went all carry-on luggage - this time I have to bring video equipment for my students - so I got the old trusty large suitcase. But when you have a homebase large luggage isn't too cumbersome. I am hoping that I will have some time to write about my experiences in KC - while my students are competing. You can read all about it at the blog I will be keeping for them: Lapeer SkillsUSA.

Bruce won't be coming this year - he's learning about networking mac computers. I saw him for just over 24 hours before he had to head out to training. It's going to be that kind of summer.

I was watching our video blogs - that Mary and I made while in Europe - and it just reminds me of what a whirlwind trip it was - but how much fun we had. I posted a picture from Berlin - Mary, Me, Wolfgang & Barbara at the tennis club right next to Barbara's apartment - I plan on posting more when I recap each city (hopefully this next week.) We didn't have the internet access that I would have hoped for in Europe. But maybe that's better - it will give me more time to reflect.

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