Friday, June 19, 2009

Last Stop Prague

We arrived in Prague early this morning. Our train car was just us -
as to the four other bunk mates we had on our Berlin - Krakow trip.
Plus the train looked like it came right out of the USSR. So the bunk
mates - three were 20-somethings backpacking from Norway. The other
was a polish woman who lived in Berlin who spoke mo English but a lot
of German and quickly told Mary her life story. She was high energy
and somewhat crazy which made the trip entertaining to say the least.
The train conductor only spoke polish and the girls from Norway were
trying to communicate with him - but couldn't. So crazy Polish woman
spoke Polish to the coductor - german to Mary - Mary spoke English to
the girls. It was somewhat comical. But we arrived safely in Krakow -
so all is well.

On this trip to Prague we were warned several times to keep our door
locked the entire night - apparently the are having problems with
theft on the train at night - however robbed was used more than once
which implies something different to me. But we were in luck no one
came busting in - but as a result of these warnings and a very creeky
bunk - neither Mary nor I got much sleep.

We arrived to our hotel by 8:30 am and despite saying we would have an
8am arrival there was no one there- we rang the bell not less than 10
times before calling them - thNk you iPhone. The guy was nice and was
here in the ten minutes they promised. Also they got us a room to
store our luggage and take a much needed shower.

We were very hot and sweaty from trampsing around a very warm krakow
all day. The city was beautiful. People were pretty nice - not overly
friendly - with the exception of the people in our hotel and our taxi

The day before we went to Auschwitz - but that story is for another
post. Today we will be exploring Prague however it might be a slower
day - we've been going full speed all week and it's catching up to me
at least.

I will try to write more later.

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