Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Bringing in the New Year
with the Club

So we just got back from our Ohio where we rang in the New Year with the 7:11 club (well most of the club - Meghan was at the U of M bowl game in Florida. Meghan was missed.) We arri
ved in the evening on December 30th invading the lovely Smith household (thanks Robert & Heather.)

Bruce, Tony, Karyn, Heather and I brought Rock Band with us and well we Rocked Out! We
formed the 7:11 club's band - The Skype Outs! We rocked it out for a couple hours. The band is based in Europe and so far we are focusing our time on our European fans. we had a lot of fun. We played for a couple hours. Yes, there were no teenagers or kids, it was six adults rocking out in the basement - I mean Europe.

Then on Monday we headed over to Mad Mountain Ski Resort in Ohio. Yes, I said ski resort in Ohio. It is surprisingly large and it's not man
made. I really hadn't been skiing since high school. I was worried that I wouldn't remember but it turns out that it's like riding a bike. We meet up with Joachim at Ski Resort. As always he was dressed to impress. So I guess your could say our running club turned into the 7:11 Ski Club for the weekend. This was Tony's first time skiing. We pushed him pretty far - well we gave him approximately two or three times down the bunny hill before we loaded him on the chairlift. He fell a couple times, but believe it or not he was much - much better than most beginners. What can we say - we are fast learners! I had a lot of fun and so did Bruce. So much fun that we are already planning our next ski trip - will it be Pine Knob, Mount Holly or Mt. Trash-more (I mean Mt. Brighton.)

Then we went back to the Smith house and were joined by Joe's wife - the fabulous Lori and their sweet newborn son Quinn (pictured with me on the left.) We brought in the new year with laughing, telling stories of Geneva, planning our next trip this coming summer and of course more Rock Band. Yes you could say we are slightly addicted. I am looking at my pictures now and I am realizing that I didn't take many photos - which sucks, because I know someone took a good photo of all the 7:11 club (minus Meghan) just after the ball dropped. So if you have photos (KC, Lori or Heather) I will gladly take some. ;)

We woke up this morning (well some of us had to be woken up) and hung out. There was a lot laughter which is usual when we are all together. It was a great way to bring in 2008 - if this is any indication to what kind of year my 30th year will be - things are looking pretty good. We are planning our next event - we are thinking Florida: so Meghan get ready for a full house.


Robert Smith said...

Glad everyone could make it. Had a great time and after crashing for a couple of hours this afternoon we are ready to host again anytime.

taawd said...

Glad to see a blog update. I'm sitting in downtown Cleveland looking out my window (the snow has decreased in intensity for the time being.) I hope you'll entertain the idea of paying me a visit sometime soon as well!

~Lori said...

I have lots of great photos of everyone, I'll blog them as soon as I get through my Christmas ones. We had a lot of fun with everyone- Quinn's still sleeping it off!
I hope your drive home was OK. :)