Thursday, January 17, 2008

Friday = Jennie/Auto Show+G. Love

G. Love is coming to Michigan tomorrow night, however, I will not be waiting outside the Royal Oak Music Theatre to be the first in line because I will be a the Auto Show Charity Preview.

I will be working for Channel 4 (aka Olive & Jamie) as a field producer at the auto show. This is my fourth year of working the charity preview. I have had a lot of fun. The first year it was the celebrity trifecta with Tony Danza, Veronica Webb and Jeff Daniels. The second year I was up in the GM loft so we only GM big wigs like Rick Wagner. Then last year, we were back on the floor but we were by the fire exit - I did meet AJ Calloway from Extra - he was the nicest celeb that I have ever meet at one of these things.

Also with the Auto Show - the Auto Show charity preview outfit will re-emerge. I love the pink top and I have really no where to wear it, except the Auto Show Charity Preview - so it will be back again. The picture to the left is not the best picture but it shows the whole outfit.

Then that outfit that I only wear to Auto Show Charity preview will become my next G. Love concert outfit. Yes, as I mentioned before G. Love and Special Sauce is coming to the Royal Oak Music Theatre. Olive will be chained to the preview, but after the shoot is over, I will be meeting Angie in all my Auto Show get-up.

I wonder how the show will be from the back? Well I am sure it will be great. But I hope that it won't be too crazy long, because I have to get up bright and early the next day for the local SkillsUSA competition at my school. I hope this year we will not repeat last years episode of the vomit comet.

Also why I am catching up with the blogging - it's time to talk TiVo. I caught up on Project Runway and I have some complaints. Ok so last week, Kevin was kicked off - after one bad showing. Then this week it was Kit. But my question is why is Ricky still there. Every week he's been in the bottom skating by because someone manages to out worse him, yes I said out worse. And this week was another week - yes he was Kit's partner and Kit was the leader, but overall Kit's stuff has been consistently good. I am not saying this outfit was good, it wasn't but it wasn't like Ricky has done anything amazing: EVER. So just like last week when I was upset, I am going to say it again - Ricky needs to go. I am done with his weepy crying drama and the crappy designs. So who will win, my money is on Christian - the high volume 21 year-old with a lot of confidence and spunk.


JMH said...

I totally agree with you about Ricky--I could not believe that Kevin was voted out last week. I liked his stuff.

My vote to win--Jillian. She's got talent--Christian needs to stop harping.

And Bravo really needs to move this show to a new time slot--one where I don't have to stay up late on a school night.

Beach Bum said...

I TOTALLY love the pink outfit! You look so chic! (Is that the right word? I'm so out of the loop!) Take me with you the next time you go shopping! I need some serious fashion help! LOL