Friday, January 11, 2008

Coffee + Coding

On Wednesday night Tony came over for some "extreme coding" for our grad school project. As in the tradition of Geneva we drank coffee - lots of coffee. I am not sure why but coffee and coding just seem to go together. By the end of the night we were hopped up on lots of caffiene and everything became a good time. It was a good laugh and got me excited about this summer in Geneva. So here's to coffee and coding - however I am not going to lie - I prefer coffee over coding any day.

In other news we are just one week away from G. Love in metro Detroit. Yes, GLASS will be performing at the Royal Oak Music Theather on Friday, January 18th. I am very excited however, I will be coming from the Auto Show Charity Preview so I am not sure how much of the concert I will see and how close I will be, but I hope that Steve aka Travelin' Blues will be there.

I am really looking forward to February 2nd - that's when Olive and I will be traveling to Chicago to see G. Love and Special Sauce with Krista and Megan. And you can bet your bottom dollar that I will be in the front row of that show!!!

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