Monday, January 07, 2008

Enjoying the January Thaw

So when I got home today, I put on my shorts - yes shorts and went running. Bruce and I did a nice three miles in the beautiful Attica park. We weren't the only ones enjoying the thaw - there were several people walking the track.
School is back in full swing. We started our graduate classes today and I had all my students in class. The ones that came back today felt the shock of school hit them, why well they all were ready to talk about break and I was like - hey, this is our third day back - we are in full swing.

I am sitting at the table listening to the NBC evening news and all the political craziness of the primaries. It's Decision 2008. I have taken two "who are my candidate" quizes and it looks like I should be voting for Dennis Kucinich. Who's Dennis Kucinich? Well he's a congressman from Ohio and he is pro peace. That's all I really know - other than all the match games say he is my man.

I had a student who will be voting in the election take the quiz, when she did it, she said, I will not vote for Hillary Clinton, she answered the question - then Hillary ended up as her number 1. I won't vote in the Michigan primary because I don't like to declare that I belong to a party - even though I am probably a democrat if you want to call a spade a spade. But I won't be a card carrying member - because I am an INDEPENDENT. Even though my poll says vote for Dennis, I am leaning for Barak Obama - but I don't hate Hillary. I really waiver and I am fairly certain my man Dennis won't make it past the primary, considering ABC didn't even let him in the New Hampshire Democratic debate. So do you want to see who your candidate is? Here's the
USA Today Candidate Match and here is one from Minnesota NPR station.

Well I should probably start enjoying my grad school readings.


Robert Smith said...

I took the quiz and my person I should vote for is, Vladimir Putin.

JH said...

My number two is Ron Paul.

Robert Smith said...

Ron Paul was my second also. Too bad he'll be out of the race real soon.