Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Few Signs I am Not Ready for Motherhood

Today when I was cleaning the kitty liter I started thinking to myself, "hmmm, maybe Bruce and I should start thinking about kids because then the kids could do this. I wonder how old they have to be before you start having them do chores, like cleaning out the kitty liter?" Yes, I don't think cleaning the kitty liter is any reason to have a child.

Also the other day I went running and I was thinking - I don't understand why you can't leave a sleeping infant alone in the house when you go for a 30 minute run.

Then there was the point where I was so upset with my cat Stanley that I was about to just let him outside, with hopes that he would get hit by a car or runaway. Then when I thought that was too cruel I thought about the pound. I would like to say I am somewhat justified after he decided to pee in a bag full of expensive electronics. Again, I am thinking these are clear signs that I don't have the motherly instinct.

People keep asking me when I we are going to have kids, right now my excuse is that I am in grad school.


Robert Smith said...

You can't leave an infant alone for 30 minutes if they are sleeping? Hmmm.

Good thing I have a 4 year old to watch over the little one.

Anonymous said...

Are you planning on denying your parents the additional grandchildren that they so justifiably deserve?

Beach Bum said...

You will make a GREAT mom...when the time comes. Yes, it will involve lots of sacrifices, such as giving up running so you can become a couch potato, but hey, it's for the kids! LOL! (I'm sure Robert is cringing as he reads this!)