Saturday, January 05, 2008

Skiing Take Two

Today Bruce, Karyn and I decided to try our luck at skiing again. Yes we had so much fun in Ohio, we decided to try the slopes in Michigan. I had gotten my skis from high school from my parent's house, and believe it or not they were not the oldest skis on the hill.

Our goal was to go to Pine Knob to ski, well Karyn and I were having such a good time chatting in the car that we missed the turn off to I-75 and then we took back roads that literally took us to Mt. Holly. We took that as a sign and stopped the car.
When we got out on the slopes there was freezing rain.

Which made the slopes quite slick. Also last week the weather was gorgeous about 37 and sunny, so needless to say our first words were, "um skiing in Ohio was much better," "when we were in Ohio," "this one time skiing in Ohio." Seems kind of ironic? But we finally got into it and we learned the secret to skiing at Mt. Holly: go to the back runs, the front runs are way - way to crowded on the weekends.

Next let's talk about the world's freaking fastest chair lift. Once you got in it that sucker just took off. As a girl that does not appreciate heights, I am sure you are wondering how I handle the chair lifts. Well I am fine as long as I figure that the fall won't kill me. Well needless to say I think this chair lift at Mt. Holly takes you faster up the hill than you ski down it, so I am pretty sure a fall from this sucker will kill you. Bruce was so helpful with his loving words as we are traveling at Mach 5 up the hill. I did it a couple of times, but I preferred the more leisurely chairlifts.

By the end of the day we were rock stars on the hill once again. I am having fun with this skiing nonsense, now I just have to figure out a way to get a discount. Are there coupons for skiing? I will investigate. Bruce and Karyn are investigating ebay for skis. As it turns out this downhill skiing business can get quite expensive. Maybe I can get sponsored - that being said if you would like to sponsor me, I am willing to wear your name on my jacket or snowpants, put stickers on my skis and or wear a helmet with your name all over it (however, you will have to buy the helmet and did I mention you will still have to buy my lift tickets?)

After skiing we headed in our HOT skiing attire to Great Lakes Crossing. I had never been before, because frankly I had never been inspired to go to a mall that has TJ Maxx as one of its cornerstone stores. But we went and it was fun. Bruce, Karyn and I ate at the fancy food court, then Karyn and I hit the Gap Outlet and H&M. I got a cute new shirt for the G. Love concert.

Now I am home and plan on taking a long bath and reading the girly magazines I got at Target. In other news, my folks called me today from San Juan - before there ship sets sail to the St. Thomas. As much fun as I had skiing, I am not going to lie, I am jealous of the chance to be in the warm sun. But the good news is my body is currently in snow pants condition - not bathing suit condition, so for the sake of all mankind, it's a good thing I am up here in the frozen tundra.


Anonymous said...

I will admit, that chair lift did make my heart beat a little faster, because I was nervous as well...had fun always with you guys! KC

Beach Bum said...

Come back anytime to ski in OHIO!