Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Happy Birthday Family, Megan & Sue!

It's October - which might as well be Christmas if you are in my family -- because we celebrate the entire first 11 days. It's the Sahakian birth month.

Here's a break down of the celebration:

October 1 - Cousin Jessie
October 3 - Aunt Mary Ann
October 5 - Mom
October 10 (TODAY) - Dad & Uncle Jim (yes for those who are keeping track at home - they are twins)
October 11 - Cousin Olivia, Megan & Sue (The last two are not technically family, but they are loyal readers, so I count that.)

Now don't get me wrong, I enjoy birthdays so its always a good time and it always means CAKE & ice cream. Why do I love birthdays so much? Well my parents always treated our birthday like our very own personal holiday. We got to pick out a special birthday dinner. Every birthday morning I can remember as a child included being woken up to the tune of Happy Birthday by my mom, dad and or both parents. The entire family would come over for cake and ice cream and the annual picture at the end of the family dinner table behind a cake with the appropriate number of candles, as the rest of the family would sing Happy Birthday. Some people aren't into birthdays like I am and I feel bad for them. Regardless of the fact that every birthday adds another year to my age, I enjoy the celebration. I enjoy the happiness it brings. And don't get me wrong I love my birthday, but I love birthdays in general. I get just as excited for October as I do September. I try to do my part to make them feel as special each year as they make me feel.

This year my mom celebrated her 60th birthday, today my dad and Uncle Jim are celebrating their 29th... (+/- 30) They all look fabulous. I am grateful that I have good genes!

This past weekend, I went out to the Sahakian Family Homestead to hang out with the fam for the celebration. My sister came out from Chicago with the kids, who were hilarious as always. My niece and nephew had costumes from the secondhand store in town which they proceeded to sport for most of my stay. My nephew Max was a sweet clown that did awesome tricks. Stay tuned for the YouTube videos. Then there is Sophie who is the girliest girlie girl ever. I have no idea how my sister ended up with a child that loves pink, doesn't want to wear anything but a dress and loves Barbies (yes she ended up with her sister for a child - ha ha.) Sophie had a beautiful wedding gown that she wore while we played with her favorite Aunt Jennie's 25+ year-old Barbie collection in the basement. Good Times!

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Thank you Jennie:) Sue