Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I am a Klutz

This is a well known fact amongst my family members. I was the kid who couldn't walk down the hallway of our ranch home without hitting walls. Yes I would have failed the straight line test miserably due to lack of natural balance. Then there was the time in fifth grade when I fractured my wrist sliding into first base, apparently you don't ever slide into first base. (We all know that I wasn't playing softball for the love of the sport - it was merely social. Something to do!) Then there was the time I broke my foot on the railroad tracks while I was working with a film crew in Greenfield Village. As an adult, my klutz wounds are usually not so obvious. I have bruises on my legs from walking into stuff, but that usually can be hidden with the clothes I wear.

So why am I bringing up this now -- well let's say that I have managed to break out it again. This time a bathroom stall door hit me across the face. After the my nose stopped bleeding, I am left with an aching head, a sore nose and two black eyes that aren't that pronounced by seem to be getting worse. As one student asked me, "Mrs. Holladay are you ok - you just don't look right." The lighting isn't great -- but those dark circles aren't because I am tired - that is a bruise. And the bridge of my nose well that is swollen. So I am off to bed hoping that tomorrow will bring yet another shade of blue to my face.


wet cat carl said...

wow.i hope it feels better soon.

Megan said...

aww, this is the story of your life.

Anonymous said...

How exactly did you manage that? Hope the color goes away soon! You can always blame Bruce for the black eyes!


Anonymous said...

That's what I did when I got a black eye - It was all Bud's fault. O.K. he was just driving the boat when my cousin and I flew off the torpedo and cracked heads. But, what the hell was he going so fast for? It was all his fault! Love ya Jennie, Angie (from class)