Sunday, October 21, 2007

7:11 Reunites For the Detroit Marathon

It's been a busy week that ended with a 7:11 reunion. We entered the Detroit Free Press Marathon as a team. Meghan flew up from Florida to join the festivities. The member noticabley absent: Joachim, who could be a first time dad at any moment. So he gets a pass.

The marathon is split up into five sections: 7.4 (over the bridge into C
anada - Robert,) 5.4 (Canada through the tunnel back to downtown - this leg was me,) 4.7 (downtown to Belle Isle - Tony,) 3.0 (Belle Isle - Meghan) and 5.8 (to the finish - Bruce.) KC was going to run the half-marathon but it closed early so she joined another team to compete. The official 7:11 team time was 4 hours 14 minutes. Which we were pleased with. Ok, I am not sure for the rest of the team, but I was pleased with.

It was fun hanging out together. The race was fun too, the only
complaint - they didn't have enough shirts in the right sizes, so all the girls ended up with Larges. Which means, I will be giving my shirt to Bruce. And we all know why most people (including me) run races: the free t-shirt. We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day for the run. It was a little chilly in the morning but by the time we finished it was sunny and 75 degrees, a welcome relief for Meghan who left the 91 degrees of Florida to come here. I don't know if she could have handled the usual cold, wet rainy weather that accompanies the marathon. I was pleased too.

We are talking about our next run: Florida in January for the Disney Half Marathon. Yes, after we get together we make these crazy commitments that I end up regretting two weeks later when I am trying to squeeze running into grad school, work and life. But I guess it's a good thing because if I didn't have these commitments I wouldn't be running.

Which leads me to another topic of discussion being so busy that I have a TiVo full of shows waiting for me. Which I plan on trying to fit in some time this week and I also have some blogs to catch up on. But despite taking a long nap, it's 8:18 pm and I am tired. So I think I will start the week right and head up stairs to enjoy some sudoku and head to bed.


taawd said...

great to see an update from you. sounds like you guys had a lot of fun. i think you both owe me a "summer" visit. talk soon and heck, gimme a call!!

~Lori said...

Great pictures! Joachim should have run, because....still no baby......