Sunday, October 28, 2007

Episode 2 of ANTM

Today's special guest is Tyson Beckford. Yes he got me watching. The girls did a PSA -- I should show this to my class - a bunch of models producing a PSA. And let me say they weren't that bad.

Then the photo shoot came and it was all about garbage. We found out the Ebony just wanted to go home. The bottom two came down to Ambreal & Ebony. I am not sure if she will get what she wants or if it will be Ambreal.

Wow a turn of events - Ebony told Tyra she didn't want to be here. And Tyra said G-O! She was sassy and so was Tyra. I thought it was a lack-luster show, but the last two minutes made it worth watching. Tyra looked pissed.

So now I am all caught up. Yeah -- ok all caught up on ANTM I still have to catch up on 4 episodes of Desperate Housewives, 4 - Brothers and Sisters, 2 Heroes, 3 Beauty and the Geek and 3 Grey's Anatomy. Thank God I didn't pick up any new shows this fall.

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