Sunday, October 28, 2007

Catching Up with TiVo

This weekend was my weekend to do nothing, however that is easier said than done. Friday night Bruce and I headed down to the new Apple Store in Clinton Township. We got the new Leopard operating system four our Macs (yes we have a family - my laptop, his laptops and our work computer.) On Saturday, I worked on a photomontage, I promised for a charity auction last February. I figured I could get it done in a couple of hours - ummm wrong. Yes, I spent the entire evening editing this photo montage for a 75 year-old grandmother - which meant no TiVo.

I went running with Bruce this morning, then it was back to that photomontage. We had to make a quick trip to Target to get chow for the cats and candy for the kids. Yes, we get more trick or treaters here in Attica population 5,000 then we got in Berkley approximately 15,000. For Halloween, I am have my costume for school picked out, I hope it is as funny as I think it will be. Last year I wore a crown and I was the princess of St. Clair TEC.

Now I am doing laundry and enjoying/catching up with TiVo. I watched two episodes of the Hills - I enjoy Lauren. I just keep wondering will she and Brady hook up. I guess that is what producers want.

Now I am catching up on two-weeks of America's Next Top Model. Benny Ninja returned with another posing challenge. Holy cow, where to start? Well - breaking news - Heather is awkward. Yes, I am sure you are as shocked as I was - when they did the challenge they were being lifted by a male figure skater. I thought she was going to plant it on the ice. The stripper won the challenge - Lisa is her name I think. I didn't see what the judges saw.

Then came the photo shoot. It was on the top of a very tall building and Ambreal was freaking out and of course I could feel for her because you know I would be in tears too. As for the photo shoot - Awkward Heather rocked it. Janet sucked, which is sad because I like her however the fact that the show focused on her so much that I am betting she is out.

Olive told me to look out for something in the show - that they were using a word wrong. But I am feeling stupid because I am not catching it. Help what is it? Is it the use of the word Gargoyle? Maybe I am just not paying enough attention.

So who was kicked off - this week we said goodbye to Janet. Yes, I was right - when you are the focus of the show that means you are OUT. I am sad because they made me like Janet and now she's gone.

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