Thursday, October 11, 2007

Catching Up With TiVo

I should be writing my paper for grad school, however I am catching on two weeks of TiVo. I think i just needed a release. What a better way to do that than with two episodes of ANTM?

What have we learned from the first show (which would have originally aired last week - remember I am catching up) was that there are some DIVAS this season. Wow! We are having cat fights and we are hardly into the season. Bianca - that girl has got a tongue on her and she is willing to whip it out at anyone. This episode was ok. The girls are starting to be nicer to Heather the model with Aspbergers. In the end Bianca was in the last two and Kimberly the girl from the small town in Florida was kicked off.

Now the show I have been waiting for the Makeover Show! (Sorry Helen I only ignored your email because I hadn't watched it yet. So I ran home to watch it so that I could give you the skinny!) When the girls got the news of the makeover they were cheering, but I knew there would be tears and all I have to say is bring on the tears. The first couple are very disappointing. Then they got to Ebony - Thank good the wig is gone. That thing was nasty. Jenah looks so different as a blonde. Then there was the drama Bianca hair was so damaged that they couldn't make her go long and blonde like Tyra wanted - so she had to go so short and then got her look via a wig.

I must admit I enjoy the drama of other seasons makeover show better than this one. However the episode isn't over yet.

The photoshoot was plants - where they became plants, flowers and even weeds. Bianca rocked it in the shoot. Heather was the weed. Victoria is coming out as super nerdy and odd. And we all know that I love nerdy, but she is almost angry nerdy. Chantel got sumer emotional - I didn't get the drama.

Wow -- Victoria bite the judges heads off in panel. Bold mood - will they keep her for the drama or will they chuck her? Give or take her I could care. And the judges said - goodbye smarty pants. Now I am caught up and that means I must get to bed -- I have school tomorrow and a paper to finish tomorrow night.

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