Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Up North! Way Up North!

Well it's my families yearly trek to the north, when I say north, I am talking as far north as it gets in Michigan, up to the Copper Country in the U.P. (Upper Pennisula.) My mom's family is from here and we all stay at the family home also known as "the shaft" (because of it's location on Red Jacket Shaft Rd.) Time up north is spent treking to all the favorite locations the beach, copper harbor and of course all of our favorite places to eat.

But this year was a bit disappointing, why well Bruce and I quickly made our way to Lindell's Lunches in Lake Linden. It's on e of those great places with the stand glass lights and beautiful wood. There is lunch, candies, chocolates and of course ice cream. We arrived and parked down the street aways but as we approached we new something was wrong there was no cute display in the window. To our shock and disappointment it was closed. We later found out from the relatives that they had a hard time finding help so they shut down at the end of tourist season last year with the promise to reopen in May, but they never opened. This is truly a disappointment! We can only hope and pray that this is a one year thing and it will be back open next year!

Tomorrow we will be heading to Copper Harbor to watch the fireworks, tonight after some interneting we will be heading to Shutes for Karoke with the fam! The good times never end!

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Megan said...

come back!!