Saturday, July 21, 2007

We Made It!

This morning we arrived in Geneva after a very long international flight, but hey aren't they all long, well unless you are flying to Canada then for us at least it's not so long. The Geneva airport was really easy to fly into then we took a cab and headed off to the John Knox Center (JKC.) Bruce and I have a nice room. We took a nap, longer than expected but not too long. Then we took off to get some food, get a SIM card for Bruce's Ebay cell phone and eat.

We didn't really know where we were going. Everyone was either gone or asleep when we left for the city. So we started walking and hoped that we find the bus stop. Once we found it we took it. Then we got closer to downtown and started walking. We walked through some interesting parts of town you know that parts with the sex shops. Once we found the shopping district we had a great time. We our way to the nice shopping district. We found our first chocolate shop where I had to sample some of course. It was delicious. Then we found a nice place to eat, but it was slow as slow could be, but we were thankful to rest our feet. Then we had some pizza and headed for home. Now we are back that JKC and forcing ourselves to stay up a little longer with hopes that we will wake up tomorrow with no signs of jet lag.

No pictures because I forgot the cable at home, Bruce and I are hoping someone may have a kodak camera with them because their connectors are like no other.

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