Saturday, July 14, 2007

Travelin' Blues

Last night, Olive, Angie & I went to Steve's Place, a bar next to St. Andrew's Hall, to see our new friend Travelin' Blues play. Who is Travelin' Blues? Well his first name is Steve but he goes by Travelin' Blue. We first saw him play in March when G. Love brought him up on stage at St. Andrew's Hall. Then we saw him again when we went to Cleveland to see G. Love and Special Sauce. In May, Olive and I tracked him down to be part of my biggest fan video. So you should recognize him, I am sure he's the reason, that I won! We ran into Steve again this week in Toledo and Grand Rapids at the G. Love and Special Sauce concerts.

At that moment, Olive and I decided that we needed to see Steve play in Detroit. So we went to see Steve play at Steve's Place a little bar next to St. Andrew's Hall that seems to be frozen in time. We sat and talked with Travelin' Blue while Steve the owner who had to be in his late 70's to early 80's waited on us.
Before we left Travelin' Blue played the blues, there were just a handful of people in the bar, but the crowd loved every minute.

So here's my plug for Travelin Blue, go see him play. He plays on Monroe Street at the edge of Greektown closest to I-375 and every weekend you can see him play at Steve's Place. If you love the blues, which I do, go see Travelin' Blue. He will play for you and you will become a fan too, I promise.


Anonymous said...

Traveling Steve rules (so does G-Love). -Jonathan

Anonymous said...

I heard that Olive got lucky on the way to Steve's Place. Of couse, Olive's idea of getting lucky is finding a George Michael song on the car radio.