Monday, July 23, 2007

Exploring Geneva
We started class today, but this weekend we have spent a lot of time exploring Geneva. Yesterday almost everything is closed in Geneva. The only things that are open on Sundays are museums and restuarants. Bruce and I headed to the Art Museum with our new friend Maxine, who's in our class. Maxine resides in Grand Cayman. The art museum was nice, but not spectacular. I actually enjoyed the modern art the most. The picture above is Bruce waiting for the bus in the rain. It was our first day exploring Geneva and we went out without an umbrella and of course it started raining. As we were waiting for the bus, it was the only stop without shelter, Bruce found a creative way to stay dry. This morning we started a running club, we are calling it the 720 running club because we meet at 7:20 am. We decided this as we were coming back from an outdoor concert at midnight. We have about 6 people actually wake-up and go. I hope we keep it going, I imagine the longer we are hear the less energy we will have.

Today we are in class. It's a lot to absorb when it comes to coding. Today we start digital video, that's something I hope I can handle.

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Anonymous said...

you made it! looks like you're having fun... i will wave when i fly past tomorrow.