Tuesday, July 10, 2007

More Jennie, Olive & G. Love

Tonight Olive and I travel to Toledo for the beginning of our latest installment of G. Love and Special Sauce concerts! Yes, we will be seeing the band in Toledo and Grand Rapids. The best part of this trip is that as part of winning the ultimate fan contest means I get to go backstage and take a friend (of course Olive.) So tonight we will get to meet G. Love and Special Sauce backstage. I have never been "backstage" at a concert, so that is very cool in itself.

This is very exciting but it is also a major problem, because well if you haven't figured it out by now I am somewhat of a dork and unless G. Love has a warm spot in his heart for big geeks, this could be disastrous. Yes the last time we got to meet G. Love it was just a meet and greet, (he was super nice) but there was no expectation than a conversation lasting more than oh maybe a minute or two, but there is potential here for a longer conversation which could mean much more embarrassing incident. Also the plan is to go back stage at tonight's concert, however if that doesn't go well, clearly I will not want to be in the front row of tomorrow night's concert for fear of being spotted, but let's just hope and pray that isn't the case. Stay tuned as the drama unfolds right here on the TiVo Changed my Life Blog.

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