Thursday, July 26, 2007

A Classroom with a View

So we have spent the last couple days in the class. We are learning a lot. We did a video project this week with partners along with learning a new web language called Ruby on Rails. We are also have visits from possible partners from Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) in Geneva. In the program: Technology in Education: Global Program we will be partnering up with world organizations to create i
nteractive media experiences. This week we have been talking to possible partners and learning what they do and how we could possibly help them. It has been very interesting, but at the same time a little overwhelming. Because we have to decide what our project is in the next couple days.

Last night we had a very nice reception here with some of our partners, the interim chancellor of UofM Flint, our professors, the Director of the John Knox Center and the list goes on. We had wonderful food and drink. Then we did a tele-press-conference with the with Dean of our school and some of the other University officials back in Flint. You can read more about it on the Flint Journal site. During the press conference one of our professors asked me to get up and speak about the program. And in turn I was quoted in the paper. Oh yes, I am internationally famous, as if you didn't know that already, clearly you are hear reading this blog. The picture to the right is one of Bruce and my new friends: Meghan & Karyn.

So while I have been in Switzerland I have learned a few things: I love dark chocolate,
everywhere you walk in Switzerland is up hill and I love SKYPE. Yes, if you don't have skype get it. It is better than AIM instant messenger and MSN. Why, you may ask. Well because it has the best smiley's. Here is a small example of the greatness.

So one and all join skype today, because we can talk over the internet for free along with chatting. You can find me at well Jennie Holladay. Well I better get to bed because I am tired and I had a rough morning this morning. Too much free wine.

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