Sunday, July 08, 2007

Weekend at the Camp

It was the last weekend up north in Copper Country. The Keewenaw Pennisula is just north of everywhere, you would never go there unless you meant to, because it doesn't lead to anywhere else. That is "God's Country" as my grandpa would call it, he and my grandmother where born and raised there. So every year we head north to visit our relatives, who NEVER and I mean NEVER come south of the bridge: the bridge being the Mackinac Bridge. But if you ask my cousins they don't like to go south of the Bridge that connects the Keewenaw to the rest of the upper pennisula.

Well this weekend we got to spend some quality time with my cousins Babe, Sherri & her husband Clark and of course my Auntie Shirley. You can't help but have a good time in their company. They invited us out to Boot Jack to their camp, downstate you would probably call it a cabin or a lake house maybe even a beach house, but up north it is clearly a camp. It is the kind of camping that even I can embrace, because well I doesn't involve a tent.

Well they showed us a wonderful time with too many good things to eat and drink. I never made it out into the lake because well I don't canoe.

Another highlight of our weekend was going to the Chassell Strawberry Festival to watch the queen competition. My cousin (twice removed - you get my drift - it seems that we are related to everyone in someway) was in the pagent. We really had a good time listening to the girls answer their on the spot questions like what would you take if you could only have one thing on a deserted island. Some girls said a book, pictures of their family, a survival guide, but I myself would have said: Chassell Strawberries, come on it's the strawberry festival, it would have totally been the winning answers, but no one said that or a bible, which frankly surprised me. But funny how no one asked me to judge. Beth Ann (she is in light blue) did not win, but she made the family proud!

I am now safely back home after a very long ride in the minivan with my parents (Bruce came home earlier.

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