Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Swiss Slugs

It's been pretty raining since we arrived in Switzerland. And I have learned that when it rains in Switzerland the slugs come out, yes slugs. When I say slug please think large dog turd sized slugs. When it rains the slugs slither out and fill the sidewalks. I mean the first night I was like oh my word there is dog poop everywhere. I was quickly informed that it was not dog logs, but hundreds of slimy slugs slithering their way across the sidewalk. It's kind of like the earthworms in the Michigan, but I must admit this is way more disgusting. Because the slugs leave a path of slim on the sidewalk and look like dog poop.

Other than the slugs we are having a lot of fun! We are currently learning to program with ruby on rails, it's a different way to create web pages. It's complicated, I hope that I will start to understand it by later this week. The Interim Chancellor arrived in Geneva tonight. We are having a big reception tomorrow night. These past two days have been really class intensive so I haven't done much touristy stuff. The running club continued this morning, we even grew by one. However we have changed the time to 7:11 so now we must change the name to the 711 club.

We are also planning a group trip to the mountains. Bruce and I have made some fast fun friends: there's Calumet Tony, my Little Pony Megan and Karyn. (The pony story I will save for later.) We planned our trip over ice cream tonight.

Right now I am blogging while I am waiting for the dryer to dry our laundry. It's really hard to write these blogs because there are so many people in the room and it turns out I am easily distracted.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jennie -

Looks like you are having an awesome time. Are you checking your Gmail account while you are gone? Sue

Anonymous said...

Is it true that the French love to eat Swiss slugs?