Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Wait is Over..
My G. Love Biggest Fan Video Submission is Finished

So if you didn't read my last post where I explained that part of my absence from the blog has been due to my commitment to creating a video for the latest G. Love contest. I finally finished last night. I have to thank Olive who helped me come up with the idea and helped me find Steve the Travelin' Blues man on Memorial Day. I am not sure if I have a chance of winning, but I must admit it was fun making it.

I hear that the youtube video may not be working, I can't tell at school so here is a link to the video.


taawd said...

this is spectacular. if i were g. love I would certainly pick you just because you're so damn cute. if you weren't married, i'd certainly hit on you because you're a teacher and all. this isn't the alcohol talking... er, maybe it is... ... ... nice job on the video, you rock off the socks!

AlabamaAmy said...

That is simply amazing! I am so impressed!... not so impressed that I would hit on you like Todd, but NEARLY that impressed! I love it!

Anonymous said...

no one else even has a chance. any prize other than the glory of the title?
does he ever play in burlington?

Anonymous said...

I smell winner! Glad the Detroit Police didn't bust you for shooting outside St. Andrews w/o a permit!
Good luck Jennie. You are G. Love's biggest fan!