Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Second Generation Childhood Tradition

This weekend my sister, niece and nephew were in town. I headed down to Manches
ter on Thursday night because I had Friday off from school. We had a very busy agenda Friday.

9 AM - Trip to the Donut Store for chocolate covered donuts
10AM - Trip to the Park

11AM - Visit the Cousins

12PM - Lunch Back at the Sahakian Homestead

1 PM - Swimming at the Sahakian Pool (baby pool)

3PM - Golfing in the Front Yard

4PM - 6PM - Cartoons/Rest for the Weary (the adults)

6PM - Leave for Jackson
7PM - Arrive at the Parlour (The Jackson All-Star Dairy to us) for a delicious dinner of ice cream
8:30PM - Arrive at the Jackson Cascades.
9PM - Get in the car and head home

If you have never been to the Jackson Cascades it's a great adventure. It's a huge cement water fall that is full of lights. As evening goes on and it gets darker the lights get brighter. You can walk up and down the falls. Which for my niece and nephew it means running up and down the falls. My nephew Max likes to skip the steps and just run up the hills. I don't know how my sister keeps up with the two of them as soon as one of them slow down the next one starts going. Once it gets dark enough that is when the show starts and we sit back with the popcorn and watch the colors of the falls dance to the music. The Jackson All Star Dairy and the Jackson Cascades was a childhood tradition for my sister, brother and I, so it was tons of fun to see my niece and nephew enjoy it too. They loved the music, the lights and running around like crazy people.

I know they always say that kids say the darn-dest things, I think it was a tv show. Well the kids
were full of them this weekend, but my favorite was when my dad was driving to Jackson. We come to a stop sign and my dad stops kind of fast and my nephew says: "Wow, that was a close one!" We all busted out with laughter. You know if we would have said that John Sahakian would not have been pleased.

It was a great weekend like always. I love hanging out with them. I just wish that Chicago was a little closer so I could hang out with all them more.

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