Monday, June 18, 2007

The Summer of the Dress

So last year was the official summer of the skirt, I went from lovin' the sh'pant (capri's to the rest of the world) to embracing the skirt. This year has officially turned into the summer of the dress. It has all started with, well I would have to say clothing companies have contributed much because there are more dresses out than ever before, but really it started with the purchase of a dirt cheap dress at the Gap, it's more expensive online than it is in the store. Well I bought it on a whim and I love love love it. It's so comfortable and looks great with my summer staple shoe: the flip flop.

Today Bruce and I went to Somerset looking for summer wear and I found another super cute dress again at the Gap, who knew I thought I had broken up with that store. So I officially declared it to be the summer of the dress. Now this does not mean that I won't break out the shorts, skirts and sh'pants on occasion, but I will do my best to enjoy this new staple that I have added to my wardrobe. I must confess that I borrowed these pictures from the Gap website, which btw does not have as good as prices as the store currently does. So what I am saying as this is not me pictured in the dresses and my strip dress is actually green which is becoming my new favorite color, another random tidbit of knowledge you probably didn't care to know. But you know now.

UPDATE: Bruce would like you to know that he is pushing for next summer to be the summer of the skort. I am not sure that is going to happen, but hey never say never.

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Anonymous said...

HI Jenny

Your dad forwarded your blog to mom and she sent it to me. I love the dress piece -- very cute. I know how a person can get stuck on a theme. Two years ago, mine was skirts (from the Gap - I might add). Last year with my bad ankle, it was anti-fashion. This year, I am just loving my summer pumps again! Your blog is very fun!