Sunday, June 03, 2007

Congratulations Graduates

Today I went to see to of my now former students graduate high school (sniff sniff,) it turns out after spending 2.5 hours a day with these students for two years you end up liking them. I will really miss my seniors next year for two reasons: number one they were my first class and kind of learned with me and number two they are really great! It may sound like I am gushing but really how many students throw their teachers surprise birthday parties and how many students give their teachers a huge signed poster at the end of the year.

However as I sat in the world's hottest gym sweating listening to the student speeches. I couldn't help remember the day I graduated high school in a hot gym on a raining day, frankly it doesn't seem that long ago.

On another note, the reason why you haven't seen a lot of new posts on the TiVo Changed My Life Blog is well could be the worst internet provider ever, so this week we canned them and went with satellite internet, wildblue. I am crossing my fingers we have more success, when I called the people at the phone company the woman pretty much laughed out loud when I asked her how soon we would see DSL in our area. Well there are good and bad things about country living, internet is one of the hard things. Another reason for my lack of attention to the blog is the fact that I have been very busy making my submission for the G.Love and Special Sauce biggest fan contest. I will post the video here when it is finished, I am sure it will be a good laugh and hopefully a winner, I won't lie Olive helped me think of the idea! Yes, I had my own personal producer. I have also been busy with my grad school class, this week we learned the beauty and difficulty of CSS (cascading style sheets) for web design. Here is my submission. It's not great but CSS is harder than you may think.

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