Wednesday, June 27, 2007

SkillsUSA - Kansas City

Tonight was opening ceremonies. It was really a rockin' time. There was load music and the kids even though they complained about their red coats endlessly didn't seem to mind wearing them when you are in an auditorium with thousands of people in red coats. Michigan brought these crazy light up swords. We had fun dancing to the music, I certainly embarrassed the students, but hey that's what they pay me for.

Earlier today we spent trading pins with people from all over the country. My students got into the fun, they don't have the dorky pin collection like me but they really got into the spirit. We had a lot of fun. It got to the point where we were seeking out the "cool" pins and trading other states for them because we were out of the Michigan pin. Megan got a really cool Oklahoma pin, Erik scored this sweet Washington pin and I got a highly coveted Alaska pin. It's a lot of fun because you talk to all these people that you really wouldn't have a reason to talk to.

Tomorrow is D-Day for my students, the competition starts. I am nervous for them, but I know they will do well. I keep telling them that I am so proud of them, because I am. I said regardless of how you place here, just produce a video that you are proud of. They are such great kids.

So as for being here in KC, it's so nice to back here. When I moved away I didn't realize how much I would miss this town. I am really enjoying dragging these 8 high schoolers and two advisors to all my favorite food places. We went to a KC tradition tonight Gates BBQ, let's say I loved it, everyone else didn't see the charm. Well, oh well. Tomorrow night the girls are ditching the boys for some q-t on the Plaza. Two Words: Cheesecake Factory!

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