Sunday, June 17, 2007

Breaking News!

G. Love is coming to the midwest this summer. It had appeared that he would not be stopping in our neck of the woods, but he is and the best part is I am out of school and it's before we leave for Europe!

So I will be heading to Toledo, Ohio on July 10 and Grand Rapids on July 11. Who's with me?

Also still no word on the G. Love and Special Sauce Ultimate Fan Contest. So I am pretty sure this means I am probably not a winner, but hey I had fun making it.


Anonymous said...

i believe i am with you :-)

sammie2187 said...

Hey. I googled G Love and Special Sauce fans in Michigan, and this came up! I am a big fan and I actually work at The Intersection where he is playing soon. Im so excited. From a fan to a fan, any ideas on how to get those G Love fans out of their house and to the concert? email me at Thanks!

angischy said...
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angischy said...

I may be going to one of those shows.
And to the above poster...since when is it hard to get G Love fans to go out to a show?!?