Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I Got New Clubs
No Not for Hitting Bruce or My Students -
They're For Golfing

Well I guess they aren't exactly what you would call new, they are just new to me. I picked up a set of clubs this weekend for $5 at a garage sale in Manchester! (actually my dad picked them up, because as I write this I realize that I never paid him the $5 back.) My eagle-eyed sister was able to see them as we zipped passed the garage sale en route to Uncle Jimmy's house.

Of course these clubs are used and my woods are actually really made from wood. I consider them a collectors item. I am sure a real golfer would scoff at my clubs (Dave (pictured below) already has.) However, since I golf approximately two times a year these are the best clubs for me. Yes, I have recently taken up golf, well if you call attending the bi-annual (and sometimes tri-annual) golf outings. I never thought I would enjoy golf, but it's great, especially when you get to drive the cart. As for my game, well it's getting better and I am sure my new clubs will do the trick to get me to Tiger woods status. HA HA!

In the meantime, I will keep up my game, well at least as long as there are golf outings at work and we don't golf more than 9 holes, because frankly around 6 or 7, I could be done, so anything over 9 is WAY TOO MUCH for me to handle. Yes, those are my feet up relaxing in the cart, I must admit the other downside of golf, ok there are many, 1. I am not good, 2. I do not foresee ever becoming good, 3. I can only hand 9 holes, but another downside is recommended footwear, as you can clearly see here I am sporting my sneakers, apparently I should be wearing cleats however flip flops are not recommended in fact they are frowned upon while golfing. Clearly if this is a sport I am ever going to get into that has to change! :)

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