Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Congratulations PH Graduates!

Tonight I went to Port Huron's High School graduation. It was the longest one I have ever been to. There were 350 graduates and they ran this thing like a military ceremony. It was really cool when they walked in, in step, in the dark with these glow stick thingys. (Yes that is the technical term.) The kids always complain about having to go to several days of marching practice, but after tonight I now see why. The only thing that is disappointing with such a big class is that they graduate like a herd of cattle, just one after the other, so the ceremony does not take a year and a half. But none the less it was really cool. What can I say, well I had one student at this graduation that has been with me for two years. What can I say other than, I AM SO PROUD OF YOU, CARL "WET CAT" MARTIN! I am glad I got a chance to go. I will never forget Carl, he's grown into such a great young man. I won't lie, I did get a little teary. Yes, I am such a dork, but you just have to know Carl, you would have cried too. And I didn't cry until after the ceremony, thank God, the best girlfriend in the world (Carl's Girlfriend who did receive the official award) Coley was there to comfort me. Yes, I know I am a dork, don't worry my other students who happened to walk by at that time and laugh out loud reminded me.

Carl wasn't my only Port Huron Grad. I had two others, who I am also very proud of, however t
hey only had my class for one year, I know they wish they could of had more. Ha ha. There is Sean and Kristen. Unfortunately all my pictures of Kristen were blurry, that's what happens, when you start crying and forget that you took your camera off auto focus and you get wrapped up in the moment. But here is a picture of Sean "Too Cool For School" Tinney and I, can't you tell I am his favorite teacher. Ok, I am sure he will tell you otherwise, but this is the story I am sticking with. I am not going to lie, I will miss all my seniors.

Oh by the way if you hadn't noticed, I got my hair cut. I am going in and out of hair-cutters remorse, but today I like it. Jay took about 8.5 inches off. It will be a good summer/switzerland style, at least that is what I am telling myself, but enough about the hair, congratulations again grads.


Anonymous said...

When I get Benny back I can send you the pictures I got, if you want. :)

Megan said...

yay for the