Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Vomit Comet Wins the Competition

Yes, it's as gross as it sounds. Today was the local SkillsUSA competition at my St. Clair TEC. So I woke up early... so early.. on a Saturday morning to hold the TV Production contest with students from both my classes. All was going well, the students shot video around the campus of the other contests for two hours, then they came back to the room to edit, they had a 2 hour time limit to edit a 1 minute video about SkillsUSA.

So my 15 students are diligently editing, when all of a sudden, one of them is looking very weak. I ask him, who we shall call Comet at this time, "Comet, are you ok?" He said he was feeling really weak. I said, "when did you last eat." He replies, 7 pm. He was shakey. So I gave him some caramel corn and got him a Gatorade. I thought ok, he probably has low blood sugar, we all know that I am not a nurse (we shall see further proof of this later.) So he eats a little and I ask him if he is feeling better. He says no, so I call Comet's parents to come get him and well they aren't home, I leave a message. He goes and sits next to his partner E=MC2, while she edits. It was probably 30 minutes later when I heard the noise. Yes the noise. Comet had transformed into Vomit Comet. It went everywhere. He almost hit his partner. It was all over the wall, the desk, the floor and dripping onto the computer.

So needless to say I had to stop the editing clock, because I very well couldn't ask E=MC2 to sit next to a mountain of Vomit Comet's puke and continue to edit. So the poor custodian had to clean it all, but as I waited for him to get all the proper supplies, I am watching it drip onto the computer. I am worried about their project that happens to be all on the computer. So I attempt to clean off the desk to stop the dripping... that is when I realize I couldn't ever be a nurse.. because I almost threw up too.

Thank heaven for the custodian, who has a strong stomach came to our rescue and cleaned it all up. Poor Vomit Comet he felt so bad. Right after he did it he was like, I didn't get you, I hope I didn't ruin anything thing. I luckily have an awesome "TEC-riffic" T-shirt that I keep in my close, so he was able to have a clean shirt. We finished the contest thankfully with just minutes before the awards ceremony.

Bruce was my non-partial judge, thank heaven because I am not sure if I could have handled judging after that. He also was very helpful after Vomit Comet ruptured, I frankly did not know what to do. I am laughing because it was funny, well now it is funny. But Vomit Comet was a trooper and he and his partner actually despite the turmoil came in 1st place. Wow! Now that's a weekend to remember. I actually really proud of all the kids that came. They did an awesome job. It is so funny, I think I am more nervous than all of them put together. So next we have the regional contest. I hope we can all stomach that.

Update: I came home to only find cat puke all over the floor. This I had the responsibility to clean up. Overall it was a pukey day.


taawd said...

Okay, if you were only wearing Hollister clothing it would be hard to tell the students and the teacher apart.

Anonymous said...

Oh, no!! You have to call me and tell me who...

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