Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Blogging Without Topic

O.k. here goes nothing. I really feel that I should blog tonight since visitors dropped nearly 50% today. Yes, I know this makes me somewhat blog obsessed. It's funny to see what people search to get to this blog. So far: weavologist, cat snots all over and catified seemed to be popular searches on google. I laugh at those searches, but tonight, on the other hand I have very little to blog about. School is back in full swing. The students aren't too excited about being back, but they are struggling through.

I am the co-coordinator of the SkillsUSA chapter at St. Clair TEC. I am also the one that came up with the bright idea to throw a Pancake Breakfast. However, I have never officially been the organizer for the pancake breakfast. The closest thing I came to it was making pancakes for my niece, Sophie, who eats them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. People have been calling me "crazy," but I think it will be fun. The new problem is convincing, the students that it will be fun. My class heard about it and the literal grown could be heard down the hall. "Another Saturday?" I have to admit, it was disappointing. But I am sure they get disappointed in me too. So here goes nothing, we shall see if this is a Pancaktastic or a bust. Maybe, I will have a new career, as an organizer of pancake breakfasts across the country. I will get a new nickname: Hotcakes. So mark your calendars: March 10th at the Marysville Legion Hall in Marysville. Hotcakes for $5 (that's the food not me.) Or better yet if you have any planning a pancake breakfast advice, I can use all the help I can get.

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