Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Rocks Rock
(Not Really)

So I know that all of you where admiring our newly installed pond at the end of the driveway however it was becoming a hazard for Amber (my car) and lord knows I couldn't deal with getting stuck in it. So we needed rock for our driveway. Today we had some delivered 10 yards, 27,5000 lbs, that's about 13.5 tons. Of course when they drop it off they don't spread it out for you, they drop it in a huge pile. So when I got home at approximately 4:30 pm, I got my shovel and helped Bruce start spreading the rock. We were lucky enough to have Bruce's dad come over to help for about an hour. We called it a night at 7 pm, but it's not all spread out yet.

All this manual labor reminds me of my childhood and the hours upon hours, weekends upon weekends of manual labor. We joke that the only reason my parents had children because slavery was illegal. So we were their indentured servants. We had a two acre manicured lawn with huge gardens that was mowed, raked, weeded and mulch was spread by my sister, brother and I. At best we got $1 a week for chores.

However, as I talked to my husband I realized that I was cheated. Yes cheated. My husband's allowance was $3.50 a week - no hard labor. As he got to high school he got $20 for every "A" he got, I got a report card dinner and there better be more than one "A." He also managed to get a $50 a month clothing allowance. So I called my parents tonight requesting back pay: so far they are denying it, but I think they might cave. My fight is not over, it has just begun.


Anonymous said...

At least you got dinner. Our chores and grades were just expected. "It is just what families do and good grade are your JOB" is what my parents told me. I think I too might be requesting some back pay. Likelihood is slim. Frugile is my families middle name.

taawd said...

A couple of questions here...

1) When did you grow up? 1948? Got paid a buck for "chores"? Did the stock market crash? Just wondering.

2) Did Bruce work for the Today Show? Who gets a clothing allowance as a kid? Did he also get free make-up?

Okay, we might have got 5 dollars if we got an "A" or something like that but we also got grounded or a nice swat on the butt if we got a "D". Nothing to motivate like a nice old fashioned beating.

Kevin Sahakian said...

Too cute sister.
Ah, sweet memories of childhood. How I don't miss weeding endless rows of corn or being told that I rake leaves "like a fucking parapalegic!" That being said, I still fondly remember humming the work song from Les Mis.