Sunday, January 14, 2007

Five Years of the Cat Bag

Happy Birthday Olive! With every birthday between Olive and I, since January 2002, there has been a common thread: the Cat Bag! (pictured above.) I gave Olive a birthday gift that year (which now I can't even remember what it was) in the Cat Bag. In September of 2002, I received a gift in that very same bag. And since that moment the tradition began, no matter what we give, it comes in the Cat Bag. So we celebrate Olive's birthday, five years of our friendship and five years of the cat bag.

Olive has more responsibility than me when it comes to the bag. The cat bag only lives at my house September through January. After five years, I must admit it has been kept in pristine condition. So much so, that before I gave it to Olive yesterday, it was sitting on the window sill in my house, so I would not forget to grab it, and all of a sudden I hear Daisy barking. I think she is barking at a noise from Bruce in the bathroom, however I am wrong, she is barking at the Cat Bag at the end of the hallway on the window sill. Crazy.

We (Angie, Andrea, Olive & I: see the picture to the left) celebrated Olive's birthday in Ann Arbor. We had a fabulous meal at Seva. Were we enjoyed a delicious vegetarian meal. Before dinner we made our way through downtown Ann Arbor, enjoying ice cream at Stuchi's, Starbucks and shopping. This picture I have posted was supposed to be taken by our waitress who managed to look very annoyed when asked and proceeded to take the worse two pictures I had ever seen in my life. So I bothered a table of what appeared to be college freshman (maybe they were still in high school) to snap a photo. Clearly this was that photo. I can't even bring myself to post the other two, though they are funny, you will just have to take my word for it. I had a great time, I hope Olive did too, well because it was her birthday.

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