Friday, January 12, 2007

Dexter and I looking spiffy at the Auto Show Charity Preview. This is one of my favorite times to work because everyone dresses up, everyone including the producers, stage hands, engineers, stage managers, audio guys.. you name it, they were in a tux or dress looking cute.

Which of course only leads me to embarrassment. Yes, go figure. So I am field producing with Rhonda Walker who is recovering from foot surgery on both feet. So we only have one move and I am doing my best to make sure that no one is in her way and trying to pay attention to her, which means, I am not paying attention to myself. So we are walking away from the Roles Royce cars and I am watching Rhonda make a step down when my heal gets caught and I (if there wasn't someone in my way) was on the way to do a face plant right in the floor. As stated before I was lucky because there was some unsuspecting high roller (these people shelled out $400 bucks a ticket to come to this event) in my way. I apologized to the man, who now had my make-up all over the arm of his tux, as he just looked disgusted and walked away from me as fast as he possibly could. And Rhonda and her husband both trying to catch me before I hurt myself, remember, she is recovering from surgery on her two feet.

So let's recap Rhonda +2 foot surgeries = Zero Falls. Jennie + 0 foot surgery = 1 Face Plant. Yes, I know what you are thinking, this girl is truly amazing. And I must admit sometimes I even amaze myself.

However this is one bright spot. I meet another celeb, he's a reporter on the nationally syndicated show Extra. His name is AJ Calloway. (ok I had never heard of him before Friday night, but Extra is on at 11 am and I don't TiVo it.) He was the nicest celebrity I have ever meet at one of these shows. He was cordial and better yet, I made no mention of where I live or have lived. I kept geography out of the conversation. My one memorable comment to him was, "are you sure you are on a nationally syndicated television show, you seem way too nice." And the best part, he giggled, and it wasn't a fake giggle. So two thumbs up for AJ, and one for me, by not making a total fool out of myself on Friday.

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