Monday, January 15, 2007

My First Snow Day
(as an adult)

My phone rings at about 5:38 AM. I am not worried, but a little shocked, because it can only be one thing, the school closing fan out sheet. St. Clair TEC, where I work, isn't a typical high school we serve nine area high schools, therefore in order for us to have a "Snow Day." All nine high schools must close, and we can always count on Algonac to be opened. But today with freezing rain even Algonac closed its doors: which means I got my first snow day as a teacher. I almost couldn't go back to bed, I was so excited. So when the phone rang this morning and I saw the number, I answered the phone with a happy voice! Now it is noon and I am still in my pj's. This day was an unexpected treat, for that I would like to thank Mother Nature.

The one bad thing is Bruce didn't have students today, they had an in-service. All the schools with students closed, but Bruce had to go. I feel bad for him, he thinks I am secretly happy because last year they had 5 snows to my 0 snow days, but really I was hoping he would have the day off too. So what's on tap for today: reading my book club book for Wednesday's meeting, if I am not careful I will have to kick myself out of the club.

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