Monday, January 22, 2007

Well Maybe Not!

So my hubby turned the big 3-0 this weekend. I tried to give him a surprise party. It almost worked, well let's say I was less than 24 hours to surprise... when he figured it out. Yes, and anyone who has meet me knows my talent for lying. Well ok, NO TALENT for lying. You want to know what's going on with me, just ask, because I can't lie. Yes, my parents loved me as a child, because well I never got a way with anything. But back to the party.

So I started planning in early December, first I emailed his boss at Local 4, telling him, Bruce was not available on Saturday, Jan. 20th, which of course he forgot and scheduled him anyway. So the first step to throwing a surprise party was calling his boss, Tom and demanding he be taken off the schedule. Good thing Tom likes me because it was really easy, plus he promised to keep my secret. So you may think that tipped the husband off, but believe it or not its not the first time I demanded that Tom take him off the schedule, like on my birthday.

Then our friend Todd (see picture above of Todd with Olive & Angie) called to say he was coming up from the Cleveland for this weekend. I was still on the clear because Todd has been saying he would visit for a long time. Bruce wasn't sure if Todd even knew that it was his birthday weekend.

However on Friday night, well Saturday morning, it was after midnight, something caught his attention. I still don't know what it was, but whatever it was. He figured it out. I must say I was a little bummed out, I was so close.

So on Saturday night, there was no big "surprise," but we still had a great time. He seemed to have fun and enjoy his 30th birthday. It was great to be with everyone. Here are the details of the party, we had it in the cigar room of the 227 Bistro in Rochester, Michigan. How did I find 227 Bistro, well Thank You Metro Times. I was looking for a place that would be in the middle for everyone and that had a room. Well 227 Bistro had a cigar room that you could rent out, they forgot to mention that the cigar room is filled with paintings of nude women, but hey it spiced up the scenery and gave us all something to laugh about. Well ok, I was laughing. After dinner we went to Gus O'Conners, it was an Irish bar. I didn't know that Gus was an Irish name, but hey, it was still fun.


JH said...

You are my favorite, I love you, but not your culture.

Anonymous said...

Where is this Cleve Land? Is it like Disney Land?

JH said...

I vote for a trip when G. Love is in Cleve Land.

taawd said...

I'm not slow, I just don't get up early. I had fun. I'm not gonna drive though, sorry. "You too" on YouTube is hilarious!

taawd said...

By the way, stop making fun!

taawd said...

One last thought and it's for angie... i know you've got thoughts in your head so why not break down and blog them. Then I don't have to leave comments on Jennie's blog!