Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Graduate... Students

Today Bruce and I both got the word... we have been accepted to the Technology in Education: Global Program at University of Michigan-Flint. The best part of this graduate program is the the two summers spent in Geneva, Switzerland! I am really excited, well expect for now I have to fill out the FAFSA.. Free Application for Federal Student Aid. I would rather call it For Annoying Future Students of Academia... (ok the end is poor, but it was hard to think of one without the F*bomb in it.) Any former grad students out there in the blogger world that have any secret sources of funding for two future grad students... grants, loans, etc... Any advice welcome?


Anonymous said...

Good for you guys!!


Anonymous said...

If only you had a friend who was married to a former director of Financial aid that now Consults as one..hmmmmmmm

JH said...

Here's my guess on the last comment: Dave!