Sunday, January 07, 2007

12 Step Program
Needed For Addiction

So I have a problem, I guess that is the first step admitting there is a problem. That problem is called Bejeweled. As described by one website: "Ooh shiny! Link strings of gems in this puzzle game that's simple to learn but tough to master." Well I use to play it online then I managed somehow to quit. I think because summer came or something to that affect. However, Bruce got me the game for Christmas. So now I have "BEJEWELED 2" anytime I want it, and it turns out, I WANT IT ALL THE TIME. I play it while watching TiVo, I play before bed, when I get home from work, well you get the picture. I am not sure if it is the colors, the shininess of the gems or just the mind numbing addictiveness of the game, but whatever it is I am hooked. I sit down and the next thing I know two hours has disappeared. I try to tell myself, this time I will play just one or two games, but you can't. So it looks like I am going to have to give it up, cold turkey... but not until I finish this one game.


taawd said...

You want what all of the time? I thought we were talking about a video game. I'm confused?!?

AlabamaAmy said...

I LOVE that game, but I had to quit cold turkey. Another highly addictive game is Zuma. I could spend hours on that game! Literally. It was sad!