Wednesday, December 13, 2006

My Knights (Farmers) in Shinning Tractor

So I am driving home from work. When I go home from work, I drive this road call Smiths Creek Road. It's a little different route then I take in the morning when I drive on Zombie mode I take the freeway most of the way. On the way home, I take two lane roads longer. I don't know why, I just like to change it up. So today, I am driving and all of a sudden I hear a pop... I drive a little further and then I realize that my car is pulling to the left. I pull into this dirt road because there is no where to pull over on the shoulder. I get out and realize that my driver's side rear tire is completely flat. The kicker is I left my cell phone at home, on the bed stand next to my bed. So it is now up to me in my dress up clothes on a dirt road to change my tire. I get out and look in disgust, in fact at one point I kicked the tire... because apparently I felt that would put air back into it.

((insert musical theme))
But alas I gaze up to the farm that is just down the road and I see my heroes, standing with their dog next to their pick-up trucks! I wave from afar, at this moment, I don't know that they are going to be my heroes. At this point, I jumped back in my car and pulled out the old manual. Because lord knows, I don't know what do to change the tire. At that moment, I look up and in the distance, I see the pick-up coming to my rescue. They pulled up. Rolled down their window and asked if I need help. I of course said yes. They asked if I could pull up to their barn. Part of me was a little nervous, what am I getting myself into. They could be the nicest people ever, or I may be chopped up into small pieces in this barn in the middle of the country never to be seen again. Well as you can see that clearly didn't happen.

They changed my tire. With their tools, it took about five minutes. They even filled my high pressure spare, that was supposed to be at 60 psi and it was only at 20 psi. Somebody was watching over me today. I thanked my two heroes profusely. Then I was on my marry way. I went to Wal-mart tonight and tried to get the flat fixed, however they couldn't fix the flat. I was lucky enough to have another tire at home (don't ask) which I brought with me. They used that and in the end didn't charge me to put it on because it took so long.

So this weekend, my new best friend in Lapeer (ok its been since September, so we have been best friends for three months, but I still like the title) Marina is coming over to bake Christmas Cookies on Sunday. I plan on dropping off a huge plate to them on my way home from work on Monday. I can't thank them enough. Thank God for the kindness of strangers.

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AlabamaAmy said...

What a blessing! How nice that someone was there for. Scary choice about going in the barn though!!
Hope you had a blast making cookies... wish I was making cookies with you!!